Research & Development

Our AHA Flex hyperbaric system is:

  • certified according to the European Council Directive concerning medical devices 93/42/EEC and
  • produced on the basis of the quality management system for the production of medical products as determined by EN ISO 13485:2012.

Due to their functionality and safe use,  AHA Flex hyperbaric systems can be used for medicinal, as well as non-medicinal or relaxation purposes.

We strive for constant progress

Our development team constantly seeks new indications and new product improvements. By doing so, we manage to offer our customers highly technologically advanced and reliable products.

Our research

Our international and multidisciplinary research team is combined of experienced experts from medical, physics, diving, electronics and engineering areas.

Our innovations

Our innovations are the reason why we are reaching new dimensions in hyperbaric medicine.

Among our innovations are:
  • Three separate levels of AHA Flex hyperbaric chamber. First level is inner chamber, which seals the chamber itself. Second and third levels are the outer chamber and a structured grid, which protect the inner chamber and maintain its shape. All levels are connected via special system of safety valves and instruments that allow controlled adjustments of pressure.
  • Pressure relief (overpressure) valve – This valve is extremely efficient.
  • Special method of fixing valve holders on the chamber and the arrangement of valves on the chamber.
  • Special closing system of the chamber with support of the zipper.
  • Special method for bonding materials and sealing.
  • Special system of double-deck windows and a large number of windows.

Our materials

Our materials are suitable for medicinal use and hold biocompatibility certificates.

This presents additional proof of top quality of the AHA Flex hyperbaric system that:

  • Is using special urethane materials for the chamber, bolsters and mattress.
  • Is using anti-oxidizing materials which do not lose on quality, despite higher concentrations of oxygen.
  • Stainless steel handrail, enables easier entry into the chamber and exiting from it.
  • Internal frame, prevents the chamber from collapsing in full when not pressurized. This way even an empty chamber without pressure has a proper shape and there is enough room for someone to settle inside comfortably. It is dyed with the medical approved colour.
  •  We offer special clothing (clothes, blankets, sheets, pillows …) made from 100% cotton and suitable for use in hyperbaric chambers. We also offer medical cleaning and disinfecting fluids, oxygen masks, anti-static shoes …

Our production

We are taking special care of the production process of the AHA Flex hyperbaric system.  It is produced  on the basis of the quality management system for the production of medical products as determined by
EN ISO 13485:2012. Our hyperbaric chambers are manufactured without the use of gluing techniques and are created in their entirety by using a high frequency computer guided welding machine.

We’re reaching new dimensions in hyperbaric medicine.

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