AHA Flex hyperbaric system

Our products stand out with the carefully selected materials of the highest quality. This allows us to offer our buyers the warranty period of two years
or 2000 operating hours.

AHA Flex hyperbaric system is extremely functional because:

✓ it is portable (can be disassembled into individual parts, allowing easy transportation)

✓ it is lightweight (none of the device’s parts weigh more than 35 kg (77lbs)

✓ does not require oxygen cylinders; oxygen is instead extracted from the surrounding air with oxygen concentrators

✓ hyperbaric chambers are spacious and bright

Happy customers

"I feel great and I must say that I already have a feeling it is helping me, because even when I spend a long time on my feet the injured leg does not swell."

Professional volleyball player

"A week before an important competition I visited the chamber regularly because of a torn tendon and a lot of pain. After a few therapies the mobility of my leg is normal and the pain has disappeared."

Slovenian rhythmic gymnast

"We have already completed a series of 20 treatments and we are fully satisfied. Our son didn’t have any issues the entire time he spent in the chamber. We have certainly noticed an improvement in his communication skills (increased range of his vocabulary, he is now forming longer sentences and is more frequently asking questions) and an improvement in social interaction (he now meets new friends and plays with them in the playground)"

Parents of an autistic child
medical clinic Thymos, Poland

"We’ve bought the AHA Flex 20 hyperbaric chamber. The chamber is made of high quality materials; every detail is well constructed. Because of the chamber’s white colour, it gives patients a feeling of space and security without causing claustrophobia. All of the conducted research, certificates and the chamber itself prove it’s reliable, safe and comfortable to use. At the same time all of our chamber operators appreciate the simplicity required for its operation, which allows them to pay full attention to the patient, making them feel safe during the procedure, so they can fully relax during their session inside the chamber."

Buyer of the AHA Flex system
Oxygen company, Poland

"After using hyperbaric therapy my mood improved and I was full of energy. I felt rested and ready for new efforts. I particularly recommend the therapy to top athletes, as I’m personally familiar with the importance of rest and recovery. World class alpine skier"

AHA Hyperbarics Centre, Slovenia

"We’re very pleased with our cooperation with the AHA Hyperbarics company. They have offered excellent support which included the installation of the AHA Flex hyperbaric system, whilst supplying professional training for its proper handling."

Buyer of the AHA Flex system

We’re reaching new dimensions in hyperbaric medicine.

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