AHA Oxy 22 oxygen concentrator

Benefits for using AHA Oxy 22 oxygen concentrator:


  • It extracts pure oxygen from surrounding air.
  • The whole machine is dependable because it is designed for 24/7 operation.
  • It is easily portable (weighs only 36 kg).
  • Has the strength of industrial oxygen generators.
  • Is both cost-effective and energy-efficient:

– It uses less than 700 W of electricity to deliver up to 600 litres of oxygen per hour
– Requires no additional costs for transportation, storage or cylinder rental, because it generates oxygen from surrounding air.

  • Is extremely safe for use:

– The built-in oxygen pressure regulator allows to set the delivery pressure according to client’s requirements.
– The built-in compressor has 530 W of power and has a built-in safety relief valve to prevent pressures above
  300 kPa (3 bar).

  • It concentrates oxygen up to 96 % purity, which can be utilized in many applications.
  • Has a two-year or 2000 working hours manufacturer’s warranty.

It is also possible to connect a different oxygen source (e.g. an oxygen tank or oxygen delivery system) to the AHA Flex hyperbaric chamber.

We’re reaching new dimensions in hyperbaric medicine.

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