We understand that our job is not done when we sell the AHA Flex hyperbaric system to you. Our clients become a part of the AHA Hyperbarics family. This is why we built our own customer support system which consists of:

  • Consultation
  • After sales support
  • Training
  • Supervision

The fully functioning system is also a proof that we live our mission, which is teaching our customers about positive effects and functioning of hyperbaric chambers. We were able to build a customer support system because we invest in the education of our employees and because our experts give lectures to operators of hyperbaric systems all across the world.

We’re reaching new dimensions in hyperbaric medicine.


We understand that our potential clients need to obtain information about the AHA Flex hyperbaric system. This is why we offer consultation prior to your purchase of our hyperbaric systems and any additional equipment. If you have any questions or need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us on

After sales support


We are here to help.  Our installation is performed by an authorised hyperbaric technician or fitter. Get our support by email

Servicing and repairs:

We provide servicing and perform repairs all across the world. Please contact us by email


All our training programmes are carried out by licensed hyperbaric experts. At the end of each course knowledge is also tested. Currently we are  preparing e-learning which will enable easier preparation for the testing of the theoretical part.

All training programmes are composed of a theoretical and a practical part. Both parts of the training can be carried out at two locations:

  • certified centres for training or
  • at the facility of the AHA Flex hyperbaric system user.


Upon successful completion of the hyperbaric operator training programme, we offer you supervision, which will provide you with additional experience along practical operation.


We’ve bought the AHA Flex 20 hyperbaric chamber. The chamber is made of high quality materials; every detail is well constructed. Because of the chamber’s white colour, it gives patients a feeling of space and security without causing claustrophobia. All of the conducted research, certificates and the chamber itself prove it’s reliable, safe and comfortable to use. At the same time all of our chamber operators appreciate the simplicity required for its operation, which allows them to pay full attention to the patient, making them feel safe during the procedure, so they can fully relax during their session inside the chamber.

Buyer of the AHA Flex system

Oxygen company, Poland

We’re very pleased with our cooperation with the AHA Hyperbarics company. They have offered excellent support which included the installation of the AHA Flex hyperbaric system, whilst supplying professional training for its proper handling.

Buyer of the AHA Flex system


We’re reaching new dimensions in hyperbaric medicine.

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