Our management

Peter Kokalj

general manager and co-founder

Peter Kokalj witnessed a lot of encouraging cases during a long period of traineeship at various hyperbaric clinics across Europe and the USA and realized that there is a huge lack of knowledge in this area world-wide, so his mission is to inform wider populace on the effects of hyperbaric therapies.

With his knowledge and experiences in the field of physics, electronics, engineering and diving he is also a Development and Production Manager at AHA Hyperbarics GmbH.

Tina Kokalj

managing director and co-founder

Tina Kokalj implemented the idea of building up a good customer support system which consists of consultation, after sales support, training and supervision. Because she knows that this can only be realized with well prepared training of our staff, this became her priority task at AHA Hyperbarics GmbH.

With her knowledge and experiences in the field of journalism, social sciences and public relations she is also a Sales and Purchasing Manager at AHA Hyperbarics GmbH.

Successful development and production of AHA hyperbaric system would not be possible without motivated team members.

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