AHA hyperbaric systems

Our products stand out with the carefully selected materials of the highest quality. This allows us to offer our buyers the warranty period of two years
or 2000 operating hours.

Advantages of AHA hyperbaric systems:


Portable and inflatable

Easy to use


Able to reach 2.0 bar of pressure

Features of AHA hyperbaric systems:

Fully manufactured and tested in Europe, using top quality materials

Manufactured based on EN ISO 13485:2012 standard

Entirely made by using a high frequency computer guided welding machine

Three separate levels of chambers: inner chamber, outer chamber and a structure grid

White on the outside and on the inside, thus reducing claustrophobic effect; with 6 windows

The diameter is 85 cm (34 inch), length 250 cm (98 inch) – huge space allowing the user to be fully comfortable and anxiety free